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Right now you are reading the Attrace technical docs.

These docs are written for network consultants, core engineers, integration developers, node operators or anybody interested in how the Attrace decentralized affiliate solution operates at a lower level.

These docs are open source and constantly evolving, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for or have ideas for improvements, please contribute by filing a GitLab issue or merge request in this repository. You can find an edit link on the bottom of every page.


Attrace is a decentralised affiliate marketing solution. The aim is to take the mandatory centralised affiliate networks out of affiliate markting agreements. To achieve this we have created a flexible solution that can take into account all factors needed to have an agreement between the affiliate parties with the right sustainable economic and governance incentives.

These parties can be advertisers (merchants), publishers (affiliates), consultants, retargeting agencies, and many more. The solution takes out the middle man, which has multiple benefits:

  • Increase trust and transparency
  • Lower cost
  • Build a reputation-driven ecosystem to lower fraud
  • Work in affiliate marketing without having to process or own private data (GDPR compliant)
  • Allow for more automation and new payment flows between publisher, advertiser, consultant or any other party involved

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